Vancouver area butcher shop - Mission Meat Shop

Mission Meat Shop

Ron Brown, Proprietor
13337 Stave Lake Rd.
 Mission, B.C., V2V 0A7
Serving Vancouver and the Fraser Valley - since 1984

Retail Store Hours: Tuesday - Saturday
 10 am - 6 pm
Closed: Sunday, Monday and Statutory Holidays


Country Market

Featuring Meat and Vegetables we know personally.

From pasture and plot to your family's plate, we know the farmers, the fields and, often, the actual animal that we cut and wrap for you and your family.

We live in the country and we know and source our local produce from our neighbouring farmers, ranchers and greenhouses.

100 mile diet ?
In our case, it's more like "The 10 mile diet" - and by the time we get the freshest, most wholesome farm produce to your door in Vancouver, we might push the number up to 50, and that's alright with our environment and the well-being of your family.

Custom Cutting and Wrapping

If you're raising your animals yourself, and are looking for a well-established - well-recommended butcher to manage all the steps from your field to freezer, you only need to ask your fellow Fraser Valley farmers.  Ron Brown applies his own farming knowledge and 27-year meat-cutting experience to ensure your stock is as well-cared-for now, as you have cared for it while raising your meat animal.

Our small operation ensures the lowest cost and highest care - with Food Safe Certified Management, Government Inspected and Approved facilities.

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Pork Cuts Pork Speciality Cuts for your special receipes.
Hams & bacon is cured & smoked on site.
Bacon will be sliced to your specifications.
Specialized BBQ Cuts BBQ KINGS: Be sure to ask about our recommended Barbeque cuts.
Smokehouse Facilites Sodium Nitrite-free and MSG-free processed meat products, from our on-premises smoke house

Famous back bacon and just-right garlic farmer's sausage.
Custom Cutting and Wrapping whole animal, sides or quarters, cut and wrapped to your specifications for domestic beef, pork, lamb,and goat.

Top-notch cleanliness procedures and new facilities in 2011.